Monitoring is one of the more overlooked areas when adopting DevOps methodologies. With a relatively static codebase, operations didn’t need the most sensitive of monitoring solutions. What was used generally offered insight only into basic statistics in production environments.

With frequent code changes becoming the new normal, organizations need a more comprehensive and real-time view of the production environment. Proper monitoring in a DevOps environment is proactive, not just reactive; it finds ways to improve the quality of your applications before problems even show up. Because this monitoring also watches the tools themselves, it can help improve the DevOps toolchain by highlighting areas that might need more automation.

Luckily, several open source monitoring tools have emerged in the past few years. We use these tools to help DevOps teams monitor troubleshoot, and provide process-level visibility into the dynamic, distributed production environments. They assist in capturing, correlating, and visualizing full-stack data, and provide unified dashboards for monitoring.

We support several DevOps monitoring tools, such as the open source Sysdig, Stackrox, NeuVector – among other solutions.