Being the Premier partner of major Open Source companies in the world gives us unparalleled access to signature open source based solutions, as well as the knowledge to implement them. As the industry continues to rapidly adopt open source standards, we build solutions based on these standards, including:

  • Linux-based email and exchange solutions
  • Linux-based clustering solutions (High Availability, High Performance Clusters)
  • Open Source based file sharing solutions
  • Web servers and middleware solutions
  • Enterprise Authentication and Identity Management solutions
  • Network-based services built on OSS software.
  • Backup and archive solutions
  • Open Source based databases
  • Linux virtualization and hybrid-clouds orchestrators
  • Open source based centralized repository managers
  • Infrastructure monitoring and automations
  • DevOps, Kubernetes and Microservices-based solutions

Moreover, we can build and configure servers based on your applications’ needs. Contact our technical support team for details.