A major challenge in IT today is centered on enabling continuous automation for the IT processes. This goal has often required extensive custom codes and scripts, while working with multiple software packages.

On top, a standard operating environment (SOE) has become a necessity over the past few years, which is the key to solving IT environment sprawl that leads to out-of-control costs and difficulties in issue resolution. By reducing complexity, your IT teams can focus more on moving the business forward instead of struggling to keep the lights on.

Therefore, as your environment continues to grow, so does the need to automate it with a high standard of quality. We provide infrastructure management and automation solutions specifically designed to keep your Linux-based environment running efficiently, properly secured, and compliant with various standards.


Using Open source tools, such as Satellite, Ansible, Katello, Spacewalk and other tools, we provide complete life-cycle management for your environment, addressing the following needs:

By using the right open source tool, you achieve provisioning your systems on bare metal, virtualized infrastructure, public or private clouds, all from one centralized platform and with one standardized process.

Configuration Management
We help you configuring your Linux systems in a more agile and efficient way: Analyze and automatically remediate configuration drift and control, and enforce the desired host end state, all from 1 convenient console.

Software Management
With the help of the right open source tools, you can have your own systematic process to apply content—including patches—to be deployed on systems in all stages, from development to production. The result is better consistency and availability of systems, letting IT more quickly respond to business needs and vulnerabilities.