Red Hat: Open Source Solutions is the official Red Hat Partner and Reseller in Saudi Arabia. It provides RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) products, including a full year of support with varying service levels depending on your chosen subscription option. In particular, Small Systems Solutions offers the following Red Hat products to its customers:

  • Red hat Linux Desktop
  • Red Hat Linux Workstation
  • Red Hat Linux Server
  • Red Hat Linux for High Performance Computing
  • Red Hat Cluster Suite
  • Red Hat High Availability
  • Red Hat Directory Server
  • Red Hat Global File System
  • Red Hat CloudForms
  • Red Hat Openshift
  • Red Hat Satellite Server
  • Red Hat Virtualization Solutions
  • JBoss Enterprise Middleware

: Open Source Solutions is a SuSE Partner. It provides SuSE Enterprise Linux (SLES) products, including various support options and service levels. SuSE Enterprise Linux offerings include:

  • SuSE Enterprise Linux ServerSuSE Enterprise Linux Server for SAP Applications
  • SuSE Enterprise High Availability Extension
  • SuSE Enterprise Real Time Extension
  • SuSE Enterprise Open Stack Cloud
  • SuSE Enterprise Storage
  • SuSE Enterprise for High Performance Computing
  • SuSE Enterprise Desktop

Oracle Linux
: is an open-source operating system that is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Some of the special features of Oracle Linux include a custom-build and rigorously-tested Linux kernel called “Oracle Unbreakable Kernel”, tight integration with Oracle’s hardware and software products including most database applications, and “zero downtime patching” – a feature that enables administrators to update the kernel without a reboot.

Oracle offers two levels of Linux support to choose from:

Basic –24×7 global support:

  • Complete Linux server lifecycle management
  • High availability software
  • Docker container support

Premier – 24×7 global support, all the features of Basic support plus:

  • Diagnostics and application stack tracing with DTrace
  • Premier backports
  • Ksplice for zero-downtime updates
  • Ceph Storage Solution
  • Software Collection Libraries
  • Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux
  • Oracle Lifetime Support

: Zimbra is an enterprise-class email, calendar and collaboration solution, as an alternative to the proprietary Email Exchange solutions, with the fraction of the price. Zimbra offers two versions: an open-source, and a commercially supported version (“Network Edition”) with closed-source components such as a proprietary Messaging Application Programming Interface connector to MS Outlook for calendar and contact synchronization

: Open Source Solutions is a VMware Partner. It provides a range of VMware products:

  • VMware vCloud
  • VMware vCenter
  • VMware vSphere
  • VMware Workstation

Other Open Source products: Open Source Solutions is known to provide open source products for IT enterprises and Datacenters. Please contact us for more information about our support for Open Source solutions.

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